By combination of education and the fondness of creating the image, not only scientifically but also practically, Sylwia Dobrowolska and Sylwia Nawort took care of correction type of make up what lead them to many publications and active participation in conferences, industry meetings and also evolving their very own technique of medical and esthetic pigmentation called AmazINK Areola. They are owners of the micropigmentation institute Art and Science and private practices of cosmetology and esthetic dermatology.

PhD Sylwia Nawrot
Dr. Sylwia Nawrot is doctor of cosmetology in Poznań University of Medical Sciences, make-up artist, stylist, specialist in micropigmentation and health promoter and acreator of several author’s techniques. She has over10 years of work experience. Dr. Sylwia Nawrot is an expert in both aesthetic and medical micropigmentation including  among others non-surgical reconstruction of areolas.

Sylwia Dobrowolska
Sylwia Dobrowlska is a make-up artist, nailart specialist, PMU master, creator of several author’s techniques. She is a specialist in microblading, trichopigmentation, Rejuvi Tattoo Removal method and needling.

Sylwia Dobrowolska has created the most advanced non-surgical areola reconstruction technique in the world and she is still improving new ones. Nowadays she is working also on an AmazINK Areola course book and builds up a Micropigmentation Art. & Science Institute