6 November – VIP Class by Karen Betts

The Permanent Make Up World Conference is followed by a VIP Class on Monday 6 November. Leading experts in the industry will teach their unique methods during a one day class. The maximum capacity per class is limited, which means small groups of students and personal training. Participation in VIP Classes is exclusively for attendees of the Permanent Make Up World Conference.

VIP Class Karen Betts – Advanced Realism Males Brows and the latest ‘on trend’ female brows using either microblading or the nano needle

No longer are microbladed / tattooed eyebrows identified as a female treatment. Men also are requesting these cosmetic treatments too. Some men have alopecia, some have sparse light brows that can be barley seen; some have scars though the eyebrow area, or have inconsistent hair growth that causes an asymmetric appearance. While the confidence factor and interest is the same, there are some differences in how the male eyebrow hair grows and those differences are what you will learn and be confident when a male client walks into your clinic. Karen Betts will take you through a mans brow step by step learning how to make male brows enjoyable to do. Plus will recap and show you designs on all the latest ‘on trend’ techniques from around the world.

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